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    Welcome to Appocado! We are almost ready to come out of stealth

  • Miss Appocado 2019, Jenna Edwards, is the Appocado spokesperson

  • Has this happened to you?

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    You buy an avocado (or several)

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    You wait...

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    Oh no, you waited too long!

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    Introducing Appocado!

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    - 2013 - fingerprint identity sensors

    - 2017 - facial recognition technology

    - 2019 - Appocado leverages the exclusive iPhoneX* Avocado Scanning Technology (AST)** to collect and analyze each avocado's unique pheromones to predict the optimal eating timeframe

    * Not Android compatible

    ** TM / Patent Pending - It’s kinda like the Theranos Edison, but like, it totally works. Totally

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    All you have to do is:

    1) buy an avocado

    2) scan it with Appocado

    3) receive the alert from Appocado

    4) eat your avocado

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    Appocado is coming out of stealth (and into the App Store). Join our mailing list to sign up for our beta

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    You loved Bananapp! You will love Appocado!

  • Our Team

    For months, in the name of research, these fine folks ate nothing but gluten free avocado toast for brunch and guacamole for dinner:

    Sarah Feingold (C. E. avocadO)


    Rachel Arbeit Robertson (CFOOO (Chief Fruit Organic Organizer-Optics))


    Michael Weinberg (possibly allergic to avocados) (Chief Information Architect)


    Jennifer Chung (Innovation Sherpa)


    Liz Wald (Chief Avocado Evangelist & Eater-In-Residence)


    Nora Abousteit (COOASSO (Chief Olive Oil and Sea Salt Officer))


    Katrin De Haan (Specialist)


    Any Guelmann (Color Spectrum Technologist)


    James Grimmelmann (Law-Talking Guy)


    David A. W. Wong (Principal Avocado Advocator)


    Haim Schoppik (Director of Social Media)


    Robbie Goldwein (Professional Avocado Ripeness Selector (the technology behind the technology))


    Breen Sullivan (Legal Ninja)


    Amy Thomas (Associate Avocado Appraiser)


    Rachel Feldman (CATT (Chief Avocado Taste Tester))


    Erin Frey (Senior Mentor & Chief Punnovation Officer)


    Jenna Edwards (Miss Appocado 2019)


    Cal Demaine (Senior Director of Guacamole (GuacOpps))


    Caren Arbeit (Director of Bread Relations)


    Jeff Trexler (Undue Influencer)


    Susan Scafidi (Costume Defender)


    Brittney Hancock (Director of Fork Mushing)



  • Be one of the first avocado aficionados to access the Appocado beta! We hoped to launch April 1st; thanks for your patience as we finalize our technology. It's really almost there. Really.

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